Vegan Waffle Menu

We are proud to serve Herbivorous Butcher meats and cheeses. Vegan waffles are made with gluten free flour, and almond milk. Our vegan waffles contain soy. 

V Apple Brie: Cinnamon,  nutmeg, apples, and freshly melted vegan brie cheese

V Apple Crisp: Chopped apples, cinnamon, with a scoop of vegan butter

V Bacon Cheddar: The Buzz is known for this waffle – it’s simple and booming with flavor. Our most ordered waffle, ever – vegan bacon, cheese, and topped with butter

V Banana Bread: Nothing is better than a cinnamon and nutmeg waffle with sliced bananas and chopped pecans on top. Add a pad of v. butter for an additional $0.75!

V Banana Cheesecake: Slices of banana, chocolate chips, and our house made vegan cream cheese frosting. Pairs perfectly with a warm cup of our delicious black coffee

V Banana Split: Any season can be considered summer with this waffle! A delicious waffle topped with lots of sliced bananas, peanuts, and a scoop of a vegan vanilla ice cream. Get ready for greatness

V BBQ Chicken: If you like BBQ you’ll love this waffle! It includes onion, shredded jackfruit chicken, and a savory BBQ sauce

V Blueberry NiceFeeling nice? Want to feel nicer? This waffle will help. Topped with warmed blueberries and vegan butter. Add sliced almonds for an additional $0.50 to give your experience a little crunch!

V Briezy: Ready for the beach? We are too! Shredded coconut, warme mangos, and freshly melted vegan brie cheese

V Cajun Chicken: Cajun spices, shredded jackfruit chicken, and a scoop vegan butter

V Campfire: Come sing songs with around our waffle campfire. This bad boy has tons of loaded with chocolate chips, Dandies marshmallows, and graham crackers. This is what waffle dreams are made of (Note, if gluten free – please ask for no graham crackers)

V Carrot Cake: Carrots, cinnamon, nutmeg, and raisins  with cinnamon sprinkles and our housemade  vegan cream cheese

V ‘Cheesy’ GreensStuffed with spinach, nutritional yeast,  and a pad of vegan butter

V Chicken Pie: Comfort food meets a waffle with this option! It’s a staff favorite — shredded jackfruit chicken, onion, spinach, and nutritional yeast with a scoop of vegan butter

V Chocolate Daydream: A chocolate base topped with white chocolate chips and semi-sweet chocolate chips. It’s all vegan, all chocolate, and super satisfying!

V Chocolate PB Fluff: A chocolate base topped with peanut butter, Dandies marshmallows, and chocolate chips

V Cinnamon Roll: Cinnamon and raw sugar topped with our housemade vegan cream cheese frosting! It’s so good it may make you cry happy tears — hey… we aren’t here to judge.

V Country Breakfast: This waffle is our most ordered savory waffle! Shredded v. cheddar, warmed green peppers, v. bacon + ham. If you haven’t tried this waffle yet – you need to!

V Cuban Sandwich: Cuban sandwiches have met their match with our Cuban waffle.  Vegan ham, shredded cheddar, black pepper, warmed onions, and vegan butter

V Denver: Want to support the underdog? This waffle is so underrated and deserves much more hype! Green peppers, onions, and v. ham with a generous amount of butter

V Espresso: Sometimes the simplest things are the greatest. Close your eyes and think about it: a warm waffle with a cold scoop of vanill aice cream tipped with our espresso. You won’t be disappointed (actually you won’t be disappointed with any of our waffles but … especially not this one!)

V Feeling PeachyNeed a little pick-me-up? This waffle offers warmed peaches to make you feel just as peachy as you want to!

V Four BerryOur best-selling fruit waffle is now vegan friendly! Warmed blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries. Ask for our house made began cream cheese frosting to be drizzled on top (or on the side if you’re taking it to go) for a sweet fruity melody (additional $2.25)

V Grilled Cheese: A lot of vegan cheddar, nutritional yeast, and a pad of vegan butter

V Hawaiian: We are bringing a tropical paradise to you with this fabulous waffle. A lot of warmed pineapple and vegan ham! This is the cheapest vacation you’re probably going to get!

V Hot Chocolate: Get ready to cozy up with this hot chocolate waffle — chocolate chips and Dandies marshmallows. It’s perfect for kids and kids at heart!  

V Meat Lovers: A delicious waffle with tons of vegan ham + bacon topped with a scoop of vegan butter

V Nutter ButterThis waffle is topped with peanut butter, Dandies marshmallows, peanuts, and chocolate chips

V Old StyleThe classic traditional styled waffle and is topped with a pad of v. butter

V PB Banana ChocolateSmothered in creamy peanut butter, sliced bananas, and lots of delicious chocolate chips

V Peanut Butter Banana: It’s a classic – topped with delicious creamy peanut butter and sliced bananas. Great for someone who wants something sweet but not too sweet

V Peanut Butter CupA chocolate base with lots of creamy peanut butter an a helping of chocolate chips

V Presley: Sorry, not sorry. This waffle is heaven sent – just saying. It is topped with creamy peanut butter, slices of banana, and delicious vegan bacon.

V Raspberry DreamsFreshly melted brie and warmed raspberries. It sounds simple but the tartness of the raspberries pairs beautifully with the sweet melted brie.

V Spicy Bacon: We love ourselves a savory waffle like this one – jalapenos, vegan bacon, shredded cheddar, topped with vegan butter

V Strawberry Brie: Cinnamon, nutmeg, warmed strawberries, and freshly melted vegan brie cheese. This one was well received and written about in VegNews!

V SunsetThis is the waffle that inspired our entire menu. Enjoy your day with warmed peaches and warmed strawberries. It looks beautiful and tastes amazing. There isn’t much more you can ask for!

V Texas Chicken: Okay there is a lot going on in this waffle and … it’s so freaking good. Jalapenos, onion, green peppers with shredded jackfruit chicken, and BBQ drizzled all over

V Tropics: Are you ready for this? We think you are! Coconut, vegan ham, warmed pineapple, and vegan butter

V Twilight: This waffle was discovered by accident and it’s one of our favorite accidents! Topped with warmed raspberries, blueberries, and freshly melted vegan brie cheese

V Western: Vegan shredded cheddar, vegan ham, onions and roasted red peppers

V When Pigs Fly: Laden with vegan bacon, cinnamon, our housemade v. cream cheese frosting, and raw sugar. A little salty, a lot sweet

V White Chocolate Raspberry: White Chocolate chips and warmed raspberries. It sounds simple but we promise you it’s something you never knew you needed. It’s tart and it’s sweet. This waffle is amazing!