Drink Menu

Drip Coffee: 

SMALL: 12 oz.          MEDIUM: 16 oz.          LARGE: 20 oz.

CAFE AU LAIT                      2/3 drip coffee & 1/3 steamed milk
COLD PRESS                         drip coffee brewed for 12 hours and served over ice
NITRO                                    drip coffee brewed for 24 hours & infused with nitrogen
SPEAK EASY                        cold press steamed with half&half with a hazelnut shot

Espresso Drinks:

AMERICANO                    espresso  & hot water
BREVE                                 espresso & steamed half&half
CAPPUCCINO                   1/3 espresso, 1/3 milk, 1/3 froth
CINN-O-NUT                    espresso, cinnamon, hazelnut & steamed milk
THE DIRTY JAZZ            3/4 drip coffee & 1/4 espresso
ESPRESSO                        espresso straight-up
HONEY CUBANO             espresso infused with a spice mix & steamed milk
LATTE                                espresso & steamed milk
MACCHIATO                    espresso topped with foam
MOCHA                               espresso, dark chocolate, milk, & whipped cream
TOFFEE MOCHA              espresso, dark chocolate, toffee nut, milk & whipped cream
THAI COFFEE                   espresso, sweetened condensed milk & water
                     espresso, sweetened condensed milk, chai & water
WHITE MOCHA               espresso, white chocolate, milk & whipped cream

Other Options:
We offer many more options than coffee. Each option below can be customized with flavor shots, whey protein, and espresso. We have a wide assortment of soda, milks, and juices in our drink case as well!

CHAI                                   chai tea extract & steamed milk
HOT CHOCOLATE          mix of dark chocolate, white chocolate, and vanilla
STEAMER                          flavor shot & steamed milk
TEA                                     Numi Tea
COFFEE SMOOTHIE      blended coffee shake
FRUIT SMOOTHIE          apple juice base, honey, yogurt, & fresh fruit
ITALIAN SODA                sparkling water, flavor, and cream (if desired)

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